This handy tool combines a four LED bright white torch with 12 fold away functional tools.The tools include scissors, file, saw, can and bottle opener, four different screwdrivers, hexagon wrench, knife, hook disgorger and a fishscalper.The torch also...
£14.95 incl. VAT
£14.95 incl. VAT
This Anti-Tamper Care Alarm will be helpful for caregivers to prevent falls. It can only be turned off either by a Reset Key or an Infrared (IR) Remote Control. This eliminates the risk of the alarm being turned off by the person under care without being...
£47.94 incl. VAT
£39.95 with VAT relief
Keep a check on that vital blood pressure with this clinically validated and tested monitor.Supplied with a professional upper arm auto inflation cuff. Colour coded hypertension indicator using World Heath Organisation (WHO) classificationIcon to show...
£27.95 incl. VAT
£23.29 with VAT relief
A great safety product for the disabled or elderly living alone and concerned about falling or alerts.The panic alarm is a small pendant. In an emergency the user presses the button and the main unit dials for help. If the first number is busy or on voicemail...
£75.95 incl. VAT
£63.29 with VAT relief
Comes with a 1 year guaranteeThese quality sensor mats are for use with the Voice Alert with Wireless Nursecall Option by Lifemax (item PDHO0004-0001).The sensor mat is turned on or off by pressure put onto the mat which triggers the alarm on the...
£20.34 incl. VAT
£16.95 with VAT relief
An electronic entrance-monitoring device, which creates an invisible infrared beam between the two units up to 20 metres apart. Alarms when someone moves through the beam.Suitable for care of the elderly, children or pets. Transmitter and receiver create...
£20.95 incl. VAT
£17.46 with VAT relief
The Vocie Alert System is extremely versatile. Each Sensor can be used to alarm by pressure on or off from a switch in the Voice Alert monitorThis means that each mat has a dual useAn extension lead for the sensor mats can be used as an additional optionLength...
£6.50 incl. VAT
£5.42 with VAT relief
Simple one button operation makes this product ideal for anyone wanting to keep active and fit whilst keeping a check on their heart rate.It’s like having your own mini ECG machine. Supplied with a chest sensor strap that sends data wirelessly to the...
£19.95 incl. VAT
£19.95 incl. VAT
Home Care Alert Wireless Doorbell with Light and Alarm Panic ButtonEasy-fit wireless installationBell push or panic button sends signal to sound the bellChoose from amny different sounds for both the dooorbell and the panic signalVisual light to...
£18.95 incl. VAT
£15.79 with VAT relief
An updated Home Safety Alert - the ideal solution for live-in carers or Mum and Dad at home, this wireless paging system has two pendants covering a 60 metre range.The large call button activates the main alarm unit with a distinct alarm tone, so the...
£39.55 incl. VAT
£32.96 with VAT relief
Now you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a gentle head massage just by brushing. This ingenious hair brush has seven built in infrared massage lights. The gentle infrared heat and massaging action combine to promote blood circulation in the scalp and...
£15.95 incl. VAT
£15.95 incl. VAT
Mains Adapter for Home Safety Alert  (PDHO025-0001) Mains adapter for use with the Lifemax Home Safety AlertSimply plugs into a socket in the back of the main reciever unitUninterrupted care monitoringDC 6v mains adapterHome Safety Alert works...
£10.25 incl. VAT
£8.54 with VAT relief