Neo-G VCS®

The Neo G VCS® Groin Support provides compression and therapeutic warmth to the quadriceps and hamstring and groin areas.Helps to reduce pain from tendonitis and groin strain.Retains body heat to warm muscles and increase blood circulation.LATEX FREE Universal...
£20.95 incl. VAT
£17.46 with VAT relief
The Neo G VCS® tennis elbow support with strap is ideal for use in sports or occupations where repetitive strain injury may occur such as golfers or the work place. It has a strap which offers additional protection and support where it is needed....
£17.94 incl. VAT
£14.95 with VAT relief
The Neo G VCS® Waist/Back support without stays is ideal for central backache and/or pain radiating as far as lower back and the buttocks.It is designed to help reduce unwanted twisting movements and is ideal for people with a manual occupation or sport...
£21.95 incl. VAT
£18.29 with VAT relief
The Neo-G VCS® wrist support is a simple wrist wrap designed to provide support and comfort to strained and sprained wrists. Use of the device assists in the treatment and prevention of injury when extra compressive support and therapeutic heat retention...
£14.98 incl. VAT
£12.48 with VAT relief