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The Nilaqua No Rinse Pet Shampoo is a stress free cleaning solution for both you are your pet.  Simply apply the waterless pet shampoo lotion to the coat, massage into a lather and towel dry.  The process is easy and there is no mess to clean up, as you don't need to battle to keep your pet in the bath or worry about them shaking themselves dry at the end.

This waterless Pet Shampoo is also suitable for "spot cleaning" muddy paws and specific areas when they have rolled in something dirty.  The solution is suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and horses.

It is pH balanced, hypoallergenic and contains no alcohol.  This excellent shampoo eliminates odours and lifts dirt away from the skin.

Benefits and Features of Nilaqua No Rinse Dry Pet Shampoo

- No Need for Water or Rinsing

- No animal distress or bath to clean

- Removes tough dirt, blood and faeces

- Easy to Apply (Wash pets in the warm during winter months)

- Leaves a lovely mulberry fragrance

- Kind and gentle to the fur

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