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Towel Off shampoo is an instant shampoo wet foam that requires no water or rinsing, so you can use it anywhere, anytime. It doesn't leave any of the sticky residue you can get from traditional 'dry shampoo'.

Girls with Afro textured hair know that constantly playing with your hair and too much brushing can damage already dry hair!

Standard Dry shampoo is also designed to add volume to your hair, something that anyone with Afro style hair knows can be a BIG problem. As kinky Afro hair grows upwards and outwards its super hard to stop it having loads of volume naturally, so adding additional volume to the hair is not always ideal!

Zerreau towel off (new dry) shampoo works completely differently to a dry shampoo, it's a revolutionary hybrid shampoo. It doesn't have any of the powdered clay in it that's found in dry shampoos, so is a lot kinder to textured hair. It works by lifting any grease, dirt or excess oil into the foam, which is then removed when you towel it dry, Zerreau also softens and moisturises as it works!

*Soft clean hair anywhere, in the studio, in a tent, at the office
* No water required, removes dirt, odours & hair products - easily and effectively
* Infused with Cocunut fragrance
* Kind and gentle, designed for long term use (no alcohol, no parabens, Alcohol free,Triclosan Free, pH Blanced)
* Proven demand & FIRST dry shampoo for ALL hair types
* Eco Friendly
* Easy to use (foaming, no drips or mess)
* Quality product that’s safe to use (UK manufacture

**Comes in Recyclable bottles

**Does NOT test on animals

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